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Monday, June 6, 2011
bnyk story,,

today i've know new song by the wanted.not bad laa lgu dier,,,gempak gak mule2 dngr cam borink tp part korus dier MELETOP... mslh la klss aq,,laen yg d'smpikn laen yg d'fhm,,,buadd bertendang sume orng...lek2...!!!bender nyer kecik jer kodd..small metter la weyh hahahaha....pekse KKQ ary tuh aq hentam jerk t'baek dri CAMERON,,,hebat lah kn dpt baper arr nnty x ley byng kn...hurm,,,bestnyer kat kampong sekang nih ader kenduri....nk blk tp apekn daya mama kejer x dpt pgy :'( :'( ... k lah sini jer citer saie x bnyk pon nnti saie story mory lgy k ... <3 yaw

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